Monday, June 18, 2018

Big Cranky Double IPA

Monday, June 11, 2018

Blackbeard's Breakfast (beer review)

Beer Review #208

Hello, hello! Welcome back to Beer Porn & More. For today's review I've tasted a bottle of Blackbeard's Breafast, a bourbon barrel aged porter brewed with coffee that comes as part of Heavy Seas's Uncharted Water series.

The literature says that: "Blackbeard's Breakfast is a robust porter with a new world twist. Aged in bourbon barrels and brewed with Chesapeake Bay Roasting Company's Dark Sumatra coffee, this porter is flavorful and complex. Featuring unique English malts, this brew will have strong notes of caramel and a slight nut character. Paired with bourbon notes and the sumptuous Sumatran Coffee, Blackbeard's breakfast will please coffee and beer connoisseurs alike."
 This 10%ABV / 40IBU beer pours pitch black with a small and quickly dissipating head of deep almond foam.

In the aroma, which isn't all that exciting, look primarily for coffee with hints of tangy smoke. That smoke, or charring is a vital part of the taste too. Again coffee leads the charge. Bourbon is also present, but not overpowering as it melds perfectly with the dark roasted malts  creating something that resembles the tangy, dark, sweet crust on a slow pit-BBQ roasted piece of pork. Caramel is also present, and a marginal earthy presence courtesy of East Kent Goldings hops.

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

A Busy Weekend For Valley Area Trail Running

Three trail races in three days (Pound the Ground 5k & 10K / Memorial Miracle Miles 5k) has become the busy Memorial Day weekend norm here in 'The Valley' over the past 5 years and 2018 was no exception. I was on hand for all three - with camera in hand - taking still photos and video as I have been all spring long. Below is a taste of what our local runners have been up to so far in 2018. Enjoy!

2018 (so far)
Pound the Ground 5k (stills)
Pound the Ground 5k (slideshow)
Pound the Ground 10k (slideshow)
Pound the Ground 10k (stills)
Chief Wetona Challenge (stills)
Chief Wetona Challenge (slideshow)
Guthrie Gallop 5k (slideshow)
Guthrie Gallop 5k (stills)
Guthrie Gallop 10k (stills)
Guthrie Gallop 10k (slideshow)
Encounter Arts 4 All 5k (slideshow)
Encounter Arts 4 All 5k (stills)
Superhero 5k (stills)
Superhero 5k (slideshow)
Jean and Pete 5k (slideshow)
Jean and Pete 5k (stills)
Shamrock 5k (slideshow)
Shamrock 5k (stills)
Cloverleaf 4k (stills)
Cloverleaf 4k (slideshow)

Friday, May 18, 2018

Carton Brewing IDIPA

Beer Review #207

Hello, hello! Welcome back to Beer Porn & More. Its sunny, warm - and I just cracked open a 16oz can of IDIPA from New Jersey based Carton Brewing Company.

The brewer describes IDIPA as "Not much to analyze about IDIPA. Sometimes you just crave a dank IPA to sip on, so that’s what we made. Multiple hops, multiple malts and multiple yeasts combined in a way to placate the dank side of our desires. Drink IDIPA because it’s the dankness you need," and I tend to agree.

Weighing in at 7.0%ABV and 70IBU's, IDIPA pours cloudy orange with a big fluffy white head that lasts for hours and hours. 

The aroma is surprisingly fruity and sweet, at first before hints of dankness (think hemp) emerge.

In the taste department, that hemp dankness is a major player, but also substantial helpings of citrus rind and pine. A bit of sticky sweetness intervenes later on as the taste buds adjust to the bitterness

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Brown's Intonation Double IPA

Beer Review #206

Hello, hello! Welcome back to Beer Porn & More. Another day and another double IPA. This time I'm taking a look at Brown's Intonation Double IPA from Brown's Brewing Co.

This 8.0%ABV double India pale ale is part of Brown's Brewing Co's  Revolution Series of small batch beers. While the batches may be small the flavors and aromas present here certainly are not.

The aroma rolling off of this thing initially reminded me of the tropics (mango, papaya), but as I finished up this 16oz can things have shifted to fall more into line with the flavor which is driven by floral hops in a big way. The whole experiment is held together by a honey-sweet malt presence.

Pours cloudy and orange with a big ass head of soapy white suds.

Monday, May 14, 2018

Lemon Drop Space Cake Double IPA (2018)

BBeer Review #205

Hello, hello! Welcome back to Beer Porn & More. Today I'm putting on my goofy red nose and over sized shoes to take a taste of the 2018 Lemon Drop Space Cake Double IPA from Clown Shoes Beer, those lovable brewers from Ipswich MA. I've had the standard edition of Space Cake Double IPA (see review), and this variant is likely to please.

This 8.0%ABV DIPA pours unclouded-orange and boasts a stubborn head of fluffy bone white foam.

By far this beer's most enticing attribute is its aroma - Its a spunky, citrusy, lemony wonderland with hints of pineapple and tropical fruits rounding things out.

In the taste department things start off relatively bland (pine, grass), but if you let your taste buds adjust more subtle elements will begin to reveal themselves. Looks for hints of mouth watering lemon and honey.