Friday, September 6, 2013

Body Glide (Review)

Do you have nipples? Toes? Thighs? If you are a runner and answered yes to any of these questions then Body Glide is for you. Body Glide has been preventing chaffing, blisters and all other forms of friction caused skin irritation since1996.

Body Glide has been an essential part of my running arsenal for the better part of a decade. As a sockless runner, I use Body Glide most often on the tops and tips of my toes when I'm heading out for those long, hilly Pennsylvania and New York State trail runs. Fierce down hills tend to force the toes into the ends of the shoes (even when properly fit and laced), and after several hours on your feet it can become an issue.

As an added bonus Body Glide does not irritate my eczema like some other greasier products. No bullshit!


How it works
The gold standard since 1996 with plant-derived ingredients, it’s a natural, invisible, non-wet, non-greasy barrier against irritation and rubbing that injures skin, ideal for feet and anywhere on the body. Perspiration escapes, skin breaths, and it lasts up to a day. Then, just wash it off. There are no oils or lanolin, no petroleum. Use it in all climates.

Stops trouble before it starts®
On feet, between thighs, in the groin, on arms, legs and the neck, and wherever skin is rubbed by footwear, clothing or skin against skin. It’s durable yet gentle for use in sensitive areas, and in skin folds and creases around breasts, stomach and buttocks.

Noticeably Different and Better
Relied upon in countries around the world for daily protection, and it’s essential comfort and performance in running and among endurance athletes.

Optimized Skin ProtectionWe formulate our products to help stop trouble, so that you can wear your favorite footwear, run better without worrying about your feet and skin, ride without fear of saddle sores, and whatever you do, move about with confidence. We combine high viscosity plant-based ingredients that allow you to perspire and your skin to breathe, and because we don’t use oils, lanolin or messy petroleum, our technically advanced formulas are not slimy, goopy or wet. Our balms are for rubbing, dryness and cracking, and to help keep your skin looking and feeling great. Our anti-pain balm, like all our formulas, is uniquely formulated for maximum comfort and relief over extended periods of time.

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