Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Eurosocks Graduated Compression Sock (Review)

Compression socks are all the rage in long distance trail running these days, a trend which began in Europe before gradually finding its way to these shores. The claim is that wearing compression socks, during or after running, reduces fatigue and soreness, improves circulation, reduces lactic acid buildup, and speeds recovery time.

I don’t know about all that, as in my experience benefits regarding fatigue and recovery have been imperceptible, but at least you’ll look like a ‘real runner’ when you wear them! Am I right?

All kidding aside, there are some far more practical reasons to wear compression socks.

The first and most obvious benefit is warmth. Knee high compression socks are ideal for cold weather running. Lets face it, on most winter days shorts alone leave you feeling chilled, but full length tights or pants, which lock in body heat, make you sweaty and uncomfortable. A pair of compression socks will keep your lower extremities adequately warm without overheating.

Secondly, and perhaps more important is mobility. Where full length pants hinder your leg swing, a pair of compression socks coupled with compression shorts (worn under your normal shorts to avoid funny looks), leaving only a few inches of thigh exposed, will allow the full range of motion you need to be comfortable on the trails this winter. No bullshit!

That said, DO NOT buy Eurosocks. While they do offer adequate compression the quality of their construction is bit on the weak side and prone to developing snags and runs.

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