Monday, September 16, 2013

Foam Roller (Review)

To be perfectly honest, having been under the impression that it was merely another one of those scams to separate gullible out of shape people from their money, I got into the whole foam roller thing a little late.

As it turns out this stupid tube of overpriced foam that will no doubt outlive all of us in landfills around the world is an ingenious nod to simplicity and minimalism in an increasingly electrified world. But who needs a $500 vibrating chair when you can get an 18” blue Gold’s Gym Foam Roller at Wal-Mart for around $15?

I won’t waste your time explaining how to use the damn thing as a plethora of tutorials are available on youtube (No Bullshit! You can find anything on youtube).

I purchased mine earlier this year at Wal-Mart when overcompensating for a foot injury, I developed tightness throughout my right leg. Also works wonders on the occasional foot pain. Simply stand and roll under foot. Let gravity do the rest.

For even tougher running related aches and pains check out my review of The Stick

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