Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Merrell Trail Glove (Review)

My favorite road running shoe is marketed as a trail shoe. I wouldn’t dream of wearing the Merrell Trail Glove on most of the trails I have access to here on Pennsylvania’s northeastern border with New York, but as a road racing and track shoe they are a marvel of comfort engineering.

The "Microfibre AirMesh” upper is breathable, light, and yet surprisingly durable. The Trail Glove’s ‘glove like fit’ comes from Merrell’s “Omni-Fit” lacing system and welded overlays which lock the foot firmly into place in the foot bed, preventing the foot from slipping and sliding inside the shoe even on off camber surfaces and bombing descents.

The interior of the shoe is soft and comfortable making the Trail Glove ideal for sockless running. The outsoles are ultra low profile but surprisingly sticky. Protection is nonexistent, making them a less than ideal trail shoe for all but the most buffed out trails and surefooted athletes.

I own two pairs of Trail Gloves and use them for track workouts (once ran 26 miles on the track in a pair) as well as all short road races and road runs. After more than two years of abuse they show little wear. No Bullshit!
In addition to this, the original Trail Glove, several other models are now available from Merrell.

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