Monday, September 16, 2013

Nathan QuickShot Flask (Review)

BEHOLD! The Nathan QuickShot Flask 

This little guy is my best buddy when it comes to races under 25k. The adjustable hand strap is comfortable enough that you’ll sometimes forget you are carrying it, while the 10oz capacity is enough to keep you hydrated between aid stations on all but the hottest days without lugging around a lot of extra weight.

Where bigger bottles may hinder your arm-swing, the QuickShot’s light weight gives you the feeling of an almost “hands free” running experience, even as it clings to your palm. And the race cap, with its rubber diaphragm, means no annoying nipple to open with your teeth. Simply squeeze and drink.

If you wear compression shorts here is a hint. Go 100% hands free by sticking the QuickShot in the waist line in the groove of your lower back. No Bullshit!

Available in a range of colors. Some models also offer a pocket for Hammer Gel, keys or a small phone.

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