Friday, September 20, 2013

Premium Insurance Caps (Review)

I either currently use or have tried most of the supplements available from Hammer Nutrition, but the one product the cupboard where I keep my nutritional items is never without is Premium Insurance Caps.

Most multivitamins have two fatal flaws. First, when you are rushing out the door in the morning before work you don’t dare take them without food for fear of an upset stomach. And second, they always try to cram the entire recommended dosage into just one or two oversized pills.

Premium Insurance Caps suffer neither of these flaws, as they are quite gentle on the stomach even without food, and the recommended daily dosage is 3 to 7 pills.

Some of you might be thinking that’s too many pills to take, but you have to look at it differently. Premium Insurance Caps give you the flexibility to divide your dosage up through out the day for a steady supply of nutrients, and adjust your dosage up and down depending on your current dietary needs. More pills during times of heavy training or poor eating, less when your diet is healthy and your mileage low. With most multivitamins are you literally just pissing away your nutrients and money.

I’ve tried multivitamins from generic box store brands to supposedly top of the line products from GNC. Hammer Premium Insurance Caps is the only multivitamin I’ll ever use again. No Bullshit!

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