Friday, December 13, 2013

Capzasin HP (Review)

Forget about Icy Hot and Bengay, or even BioFreeze. They are garbage. Don‘t waste your money. Capzasin HP is a "must have" tool in your runner's pain relief bag of tricks. This cream is an arthritis strength topical analgesic derived from chili peppers (Contains 1% Capsaicin). Aside from penetrating deep to relieve your standard running aches and pains the white-gold in this little tube has the added benefit of reducing the amount of "substance P" in your body, a chemical that acts as a pain messenger. What does that mean? This shit can actually treat nerve pain, so with consistent use for several weeks that unexplainable nagging pain effecting your running will be history. No bullshit.

I used Capzasin HP to control nagging pain in my right foot and ankle after a recent 50k race.

Warning. Sometimes this stuff can really burn. I find that its most likely to cause an intense burning sensation at injury sites. Hot water tends to activate a burning sensation, so be sure to wash it off with cool water before getting in the shower. Most of the time, however, you will smell and feel nothing when you apply the product.

Highly recommended.

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