Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial Miracle Miles (Race Report)


With multiple events on the calendar nearly every week, May has been a crazy month for the local running community. The long Memorial Day weekend added a third opporunity to race locally this week, and after doubling up on Saturday with 10k and 5k races at Pound the Ground for Ultrasound (Race Report), I capped off my three race weekend with the Memorial Miracle Miles 5k trail run on Monday morning. This first year event attracted 114 souls while raising money for the Children's Miracle Network.

Saturday was a road race day, and it left me feeling a little beat up, so it felt good to be back on the nice soft trails again. And they were soft alright. Asphalt is a solid. The trails were liquid - with plenty of mud and water to slide around on and splash through. I always get a kick out of runners who try to avoid the puddles. Embrace them my friends. Bomb through and go home proud wearing mud half way up your back.

Me lurking behind Shawn and Andrew in the distant background
 The Memorial Miracle Miles 5k uses the limited, but beautiful trails of the Saterlee Creek Environmental Center in Litchfield Pa. The course is comprised of a series of small loops, almost like a four leaf clover. The trails range from wooded single track to grassy double track. There are multiple bridge crossings. The terrain rolls, with no big climbs or downhills, and a little over 200ft of elevation gain. Its a relatively easy course, but the sloppy conditions kept things interesting and honest.
Having started the race on tired legs with a little soreness in them, and considering the conditions, I thought I might finish somewhere between 22 and 24 minutes. The course is a little short, but I crossed the finish line in 16th place overall and 3rd in my age group with a time of 22:47, so I guess my projection was just about spot on.
Today's race was my 10th of the year, 3rd of the week, and 5th since May 10th. Next weekend has another trail 5k in store for Saturday, and possible another short race on Sunday.  


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