Saturday, June 7, 2014

Patagonia EVERlong (Review 2)

Last month I post a scathing review of the Patagonai EVERlong (HERE), in which I described the shoe as "sloppy." But I also said that the shoe would "likely feel great late in a long run, but feels burdensome early on."

This weekend I finally had the chance to take the shoe out for a real challenge, as I wore them for the second half of a 25 mile run on some of my favorite local trails.

I began the day with my "go to" shoe, the now discontinued NB 110 (REVIEW), and they after about 3 hours I switched over to the EVERlong's. I typically run sockless, and if the shoes in question have a removable insole, I remove it to avoid slipping, and to create a little extra space in the shoe. I did remove the insole from the EVERlong's, to create space between the top of my foot and and the laces. As I mentioned in my first review of this shoe, one of the flaws in the construction of the EVERlong is that the over-sewn fabric designed to protect the foot from the lowest lace is itself an irritant. This being the case I also wore a pair of Wigwam trail running socks.

As I grew increasingly fatigued later in the run, the cushion did held to ease the plight of my feet. The outsole was also sufficient to dull any impact with rocks and roots on the semi-technical singletrack.

I do think I'll be wearing this shoes again during the next couple months as I prepare for a mountain trail marathon in August. Before then I'll likely switch out the laces with either elastic, or the crimped laces that New Balance uses on many of its minimalist trail shoes. The factors laces on the EVERlong are far too long, thin and flat, making it hard to lock the shoe into place, while loops flopping around when you've double or triple knotted them could potentially become snagged on the under brush.

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