Saturday, June 28, 2014

Race For Healing 5k (Race Report)

Last weekend I skipped out on a 20k road race and instead logged 23 miles on the local trails. The following morning I ran 7 miles on the same trails, but then did absolutely nothing for the next three days. I did manage two short trail runs later in the week (Thursday and Friday), and then with a grand total of 11 miles on my legs in the last week I toed the start line at yet another local 5k this morning. My legs were either going to be really fresh or really rusty.

Race For Healing is one of many new events staged in Bradford County Pa this year. The race was put on by The Children's House to benefit child victims of sexual abuse. The run both started and finished next to Athens High School, and being just half a mile from my front door, the location and the cause made it hard to justify not coming out to run.

As with many other races this year, I was joined by Maria and Ann Marie.

Perhaps 30 or 40 runners came out to enjoy the blue skies, making for another pretty low-key event. According to Garmin, the temperature was up to 73 degrees by the time the race started at 10:00AM, but my man-sense tells me it was more like 80+.


Among the race's competitors were these 8 fine looking members of the Valley Running Club.


You really can't take trail runners out in public. Exhibit A: obscene use of oranges as props after the run. But first was the little matter of completing the race. From the gun my legs felt "stale," as if there were no pop in my step, though my Garmin Forerunner 110 indicated otherwise. I immediately slipped into 5th place. First mile was a 6:40 mile, but that was with a concerted effort to slow myself to something sustainable for me.

At some point late in the first mile the second place female pulled even with me. We ran together for the next mile, eventually reeling in and passing the first place female, before she eventually left me in her dust at some point early in the third mile. My position in the field would remain the same for the rest of the run, although the entire top five finished close enough together that I could see the four runners ahead of me finish.

I ran 21:30, my second fastest 5k so far this year, and 3rd in an age group which included the race winner. The next race on my calendar is the Monroe Hose Inferno 15k on July 12th.

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