Friday, July 25, 2014

Along the Loyalsock Trail

The short High Rock Trail at World's End State Park in Forksville Pa runs, for awhile, with the much longer Loyalsock Trail (LT). I've run parts of these trails numerous times, but usually solo, and my mother still tells horror stories of having climbed it with me in a backpack during the first couple years of my life. I grew up just 10 miles or so from the park, and we used to spend a lot of time there in my youth. Today we gathered at World's End for a little family get together, during which my sister and I found an hour to slip away for a little fun on the trails.

The trail climbs about a thousand feet, in less than a mile, up to some pretty sweet views of the park and Loyalsock Creek below.


But before you get to this wonderful view you have to climb.

Of course it helps to be a little nuts. I LIKE BIG ROCKS AND I CANNOT LIE!

Because this trail will kick your butt

 Once we reached the top of High Rock Trail we veered right and continued on up the LT and out of the park. We crossed Loyalsock Road (a seasonal / forest service road), and logged another half mile or so on the LT before heading back to the party.


Rather than scramble back down over the boulders we finished the other half of High Rock Trail which took us past this nice little view of the Route 154 bridge which crosses the park swimming area.

Everybody survived, mostly. Ann Marie did take a fall on the least technical part of run and judging by the picture above may have lost her mind.

Hey look, giant spider.

Family people. About 20 people showed up before all was said and done. Some i'd never met, some I hadn't seen since childhood, some who time will likely take away before we meet again. Today was also my mom's birthday, her sister was in town from Philly, and others in attendence had plans to move out of the area, so I'm glad my mom and my aunt got the chance to catch up with some of these folks.

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