Sunday, July 20, 2014

Disclaimer: Beer Reviews Imminent.

I'm not usually one to jump on a bandwagon after its already started to roll, but if you are a trail runner, have ever been to a trail race, listen to running pod casts, read I Run Far or the blogs of trail runners, by now you must have noticed a basic truth. Trail runners love a good beer.

It’s a trend. Usually I avoid trends like the plague, and rarely do trends make sense, but this one does. The typical microbrewery is a small affair run by family and friends, as are most trail races. Trail running itself is a celebration of the earth, and there is something earthy and minimalist about the ancient craft of beer making; throw a few simple natural ingredients together and get hours (or a lifetime) of joy in return.

That said, I’m no connoisseur. Not yet. And I get a little perturbed by snobby food and drink critics, or wannabe critics, with their clich├ęd standards and vocabulary. Beer lovers do a disservice to their favorite brews by pretending to be wine critics, and you’ll find none of that here.

As an aspiring writer and someone with a deep love of music I have certain beliefs about standards and the definition of art, and I do not think of food and drink as art. If two people read the same book they may interpret it differently but they both read the same words, and those words will be the same in one hundred years as they were when first written. Food and drink are not so concrete. No amount of quality control can assure absolute uniformity from one batch to the next of the same recipe. Technology changes over time, and there is a connection between the taste buds and brain of each individual that is unique to each individual and impossible to convey to others.

Alright then, beer… I may start posting the occasional review right here on this blog. Keep a weather eye on the horizon.

You have been forewarned.


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