Sunday, September 14, 2014

Dog Tooth Pale Ale (Review)

 For my third beer review of the week (does that make me an alcoholic or a
connoisseur?) I give you "Dog Tooth Pale Ale" from Rooster Fish Brewing Company of nearby Watkins Glen New York.

Earlier this week I reviewed two brews from Ithaca Beer Company, and of the three, let me just say that Dog Tooth Pale Ale takes the cake. I don't believe that other people's reviews of food and drink can tell another person very much about what they'll taste, and like, themselves, but Dog Tooth Pale Ale strikes me as a both a quality and accessible beer.

Dog Tooth is described as "A traditional English Style dry pale ale with pleasant maltiness and flavorful hoppiness. A true beer drinker’s dream.." I've surveyed other beer drinker’s reviews of Dog Tooth which seem to suggest mild malt flavor undertones with hop and citrus flavors on top. Perhaps my pallet is simply different, as the “muskiness” of malt is the flavor that seems most important to me. 
Where the other Finger Lakes region beers I have experienced seem to lean heavily on the bitterness of hops, with a boomerang of bitterness, Dog Tooth seems more balanced. The hops are certainly there, but they don’t overwhelm the “bready maltiness.” Both flavors seem present, at once, on my pallet, neither seeking to overwhelm the other.

This is a drinkable, middle-of-the-road beer, neither pretentious nor boring. Over-experienced beer drinkers might be looking for something more, but those bored by mass market beers seeking an easy entry into craft brewing should be pleased.

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