Monday, October 13, 2014

Brooklyn Oktoberfest (review)

 As promised, i've ventured out of the IPA scene which has dominated my reviews as of late and today sample,Brooklyn Oktoberfest, brewed as you might have guessed, by the Brookyln Brewery, Brooklyn New York.

Brooklyn Oktoberfest is a Marzen style Lager, a Bravarian beer traditionally brewed in March and left to ferment slowly during the summer months and then consumed in the fall. "When Crown Prince Ludwig of Bavaria wanted to celebrate his wedding engagement in 1810, he did what any good Bavarian prince would – he threw a beer festival. Both the festival and the special beer served there became known as Oktoberfest"

Brooklyn Brewery's take on the style uses imported Bavarian Heirloom Munich and Pilsner Malts along with Hallertauer Perle and Hallertauer Mittelfrueh hops, to produce a dark-amber brew.

I found the aroma to be somewhat off-putting for my tastes, some how “minerally” and like the smell of tomato vines (but not in a good way).

The taste is easy drinking - sweet and “bready” with just a little hops, and maybe a bit bland/watery to these taste buds which have recently been exploring more intense flavors. I'm not too impressed, but others might find it just the beer they are looking for.

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