Saturday, October 4, 2014

Dream Machine IPL (Review)

 Scooby-Doo, where are you? Dream Machine IPL (India Style Pale Lager), brewed by Magic Hat (Rochester NY, So Burlington VT) seems to have a comedic quasi-psychedelic marketing scheme in mind, but the drink contained within each bottle is no joke. Its a well balanced beverage that mixes characteristics of both Lager and IPA style beers, making it an ideal introductory beer for those just beginning to explore the hoppy, flavor explosions found in any quality Micro IPA.

The more experienced palate might find Dream Machine to be a little too “middle of the road,” but its not a horrible beer by any stretch.

Dream Machine gives weak head (seriously ladies, what up with that?) as it pours a few shades darker than a traditional IPA. In the color department, Dream Machine appears more like what you would expect from a lager, a pleasant shade of golden-amber.

The dominant, but not overwhelming, flavor upon taking a first pull from the bottle is the spiciness from the hops with hints of citrus, but there is also maltiness present on the back end. But I would primarily classify this as a “spicy” beer, with more pronounced hop flavoring than a typical lager, while yet more subdued in this department than a full-on IPA. Dream Machine is also mildly crisp, with easily detectible carbonation and bite, which equals the sensation of “refreshment” in my book, sort of like a cold soda on a hot day.

This is a solid beer with a marketing campaign and name that do it more harm than good. The attempt at appearing “hip” and “cool” may be aimed at attracting a younger, party crowd, but its also off putting to mature drinkers, such as myself, who nearly passed Dream Machine by in the local beer cooler. I’m glad that I didn’t.

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