Monday, October 6, 2014

Hop Devil IPA (review)

For my next review I have chosen Hop Devil IPA from Downington, Pa based Victory Brewing Co.

Victory Brewing Co is located in Chester County Pa, 33 miles (or a little over 50k for you trail runners) west of Philly which puts them almost exactly 3 and a half hours directly South of my home on the New York State line. I am a life long Pennsylvania resident and have been drinking a lot of Southern New York / Finger Lakes beers recently, which are readily available here. But as a rookie craft beer lover this is my first run-in with Victory Brewing. When I think of Southern Pa I think of the beautiful Amish Country, but I guess Victory is located a little to too far East. We probably have more Amish here to the North, but in these parts they shop at Wal-Mart.

Some men are breast men. Some men are leg men. I’m beginning to find that I’m a Hop Man.

Hop Devil pours a surprisingly dark brown-orange with a thick, foamy, almond hued head that dissipates slowly, still clinging to the glass even as you reach the end. Its definitely Hoppy, but lacks the kick in the face of some of the other IPA’s I’ve experienced so far.

The bitter Hop flavor is what I noticed first, but its only a brief, citrus and pine bite at the tip of the tongue before the darker, “bready” flavors of the German malts take over and follow through to the finish. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Hop Devil has great flavor, but the malts were bolder than I was expecting. I would definitely buy it again, but not when I’m in a mood for an IPA.

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