Wednesday, October 15, 2014

New Belgium Shift (review)

New opportunities present themselves all the time. A couple days ago I bought a six pack of Brooklyn Oktoberfest. I found the Oktoberfest to be so lackluster that I decided to take the remaining five bottles to my sister, thinking it would be more to her liking. It was at this point when she offered me a can of New Belgium Shift, prepared by New Belgium Brewing of Fort Collins Colorado. Shift, a pale lager, is the first Colorado brewed beer to grace this blog, and is much more to my liking than the Oktoberfest I exchanged it for. Shift is also the first beer I have reviewed from a can.

Hops: Target, Nelson Sauvin, Liberty, Cascade
Malts: Pale, Munich, C-80

According to the website: "New Belgium employee-owners work in shifts to brew to life world-class beers. Those efforts are rewarded daily with a shared end-of-shift beer. We're passing that welcomed occasion onto beer drinkers in this Shift Pale Lager. Think American pale ale meets American lager. It's easy to drink, crisp and congratulatory. So, clock out and crack open a Nelson Sauvin-hopped Shift Pale Lager to reward your work. Or play. Or, if you're like us, combine the two and surround yourself with drinking buddies."

According to me: Shift is about as close as you can get to a mass market beer without falling over the edge and becoming just another bland can of piss. Shift is golden-orange Pale Lager, highly carbonated, very drinkable refreshment. Floral, citrus and fruity hop flavors are all present, but not overwhelming right beside the lightly toasted flavoring of the three malts.

Its October 15. Its raining. Summer is behind us. Shift is a welcome reminder of warmer, sunny days. I'll have another please...

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