Friday, October 3, 2014

Roosterfish Firehouse Blonde Ale (review)

It is a partly cloudy October 3rd afternoon, a Friday. The work week is over. My payckeck is in the bank, and I’ve picked up a 6 pack of Roosterfish Brewing Company's  (Watkins Glen NY) Firehouse Blonde Ale. Being a relatively new Craft Beer Junky, I’ve never before consumed a beer with the “Blonde Ale” moniker on the bottle, which was the entire point behind picking up this particular brew. Beer drinking, like trail running is, after all, all about adventure and trying new things. Am I right? That being the case, this review required a little bit of research, on my part. So i turned to brewwiki to find out what exactly constituted a "Blonde Ale."

According to brewwiki: "Blonde Ale also called Golden Ale is a straw to medium blonde ale that has moderate bitterness and maltiness. The style is closely related to traditional mass market lagers, and was originally intended as a way of transitioning mass market consumers to craft beers.... Blonde Ale's originated in North America. Craft Beer brewers created blonde ale as a moderate introduction for mass market American consumers used to traditional American mass market beers such as American Pilsner..... Dry, light to medium body with light malty sweetness. Low to medium hop bitterness with minimal aroma. Slight fruit flavor. Light yellow to golden blonde color with no chill haze. Med to high carbonation. All malt, dry, crisp beer approximating a lager in overall character. Enjoying a resurgence at may microbreweries as an alternative to American style lagers."

Roosterfish Brewing describes their Firehouse Blonde Ale as:

"Refreshing! Light! Firehouse Blonde has a restrained fruitiness and slight bitterness. Great with spicy foods!"
After the golden pour, and miniscule head, the first thing that jumps into my mind upon putting bottle-to-mouth is the surprising “maltiness.” This beer looks like a mass market Pislner or light beer, but the flavor is decidedly darker than the color suggests. WHAM!
Dark, grainy, but not quite mocha malts, with virtually nonexistent hop bitterness. Last week I reviewed an IPA with 7.3% alcohol content and a face full of hops. Firehouse Blone weighs in at

4.8% ABV and the two brews look virtually alike, but the flavors are night and day.

If Blonde Ale was "originally intended as a way of transitioning mass market consumers to craft beers," that goal is certainly accomplished here. There isn't a lot of other complexity going on,  but its not so bland as to offend craft beer lovers either.

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