Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Southern Tier 2XIPA (review)

A while back I reviewed the potently hoppy Southern Tier IPA (review). This time I’m upping the ante and giving Southern Tier Brewing Company’s Double IPA / Imperial IPA a try.

After the rain moved out this morning the sky opened up for a bright beautiful midday. Southern Tier 2XIPA is sort of like that; light golden orange, thick white foam, very clear with visible carbonation that endlessly rises up from the bottom of the glass through the life of the drink. At 8.2% ABV, its also fairly strong, and a step up from 7.3% of the "standard" IPA version.

Its also a great smelling beer. Lots of citrus; grapefruit and hints of lemon. Bright, sassy aromas that smell just like the beer looks, with maybe just a hint of sweetness like a girl you’re not totally sure you should take home to momma. But give her a few of these and her clothes will fly right off, I promise, so just sneak her up the back steps and bypass the family altogether.

Southern Tier 2XIPA is light in the mouth, with just a touch of alcohol warmness. Taste is very bitter, but not so much so to it drowns out or overwhelms the hints of sweetness that are very much present.
IPA's are typically suggested for pairing with spicy foods, and I could definitely see myself drinking a bottle or two with wings or any Mexican dish.

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