Saturday, October 11, 2014

Stone IPA (review)

 On the eve of the 2014 Green Monster Trail Challenge 25k/50k I am kicking back at home enjoying some fine brews. I've been reviewing a lot of East Coast IPA's, and for variety sake had considered jumping ship to another style for awhile, but not before getting a taste of the West Coast IPA scene. Earlier today I noticed a six pack of Stone IPA, brewed by Stone Brewing Co. out of San Diego Ca, sitting on the shelf at a local distributor. It looked so sad and alone next to all those shitty mainstream lagers, and so I decided that it would be much happier at home with me. Once the rednecks buying lottery tickets and Busch Light cleared the path to the checkout counter, home is exactly where I took the poor little fella.

I'm still new to my beer explorations, but the word on the street is that the West Coast is the home of hopped up, “throat rapingly” bitter IPA’s with a barely discernible malt presence.

I found the clear, golden hued, aggressively carbonated Stone IPA, which weighs in at 6.9%, to be surprisingly smooth and drinkable. It is certainly hoppy, but less so than the Southern Tier IPA I reviewed last week. The hops give off strong pine and citrus flavors, but there isn’t a whole lot else going on here. To these lips, Stone IPA is a bit one dimensional, where some of the East Coast IPA’s manage to be aggressively bitter while still letting some malt flavors to break through. Its not a bad beer, but neither is it brilliant or unique.

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