Saturday, November 1, 2014

Snow Roller Hoppy Brown Ale (Review)

Just in time for the coldest day so far this fall season, November 1st, I found a six pack of Magic Hat Brewing Company's Snow Roller Hoppy Brown Ale in the cooler at the local shop. This is my second review of a Magic Hat (Rochester, NY). I previously reviewed their Dream Machine IPL. For a complete history of Brown Ale follow this link to wikipedia.


Malts: Pale, Victory, Chocolate, Caramel 40L, Caramel 120L
Hops: Apollo, CTZ


Snow Roller is brown-amber colored beer. I poured mine chilled and noticed no haze. Head is minimal, and I was able to pour the entire bottle into the glass (pictured above) rather quickly without the typical overflow concerns. The beer has a metallic/spicy aroma, similar to the Brooklyn Oktoberfest I reviewed a few weeks ago, although the taste is far more pleasing.

The caramel and chocolate malts lend Snow Roller a roasted flavor darker than the color suggests (think raw, unsweetened chocolate or coffee beans), with only hints of sweetness on the back of the tongue. All else is hop spice and bitterness.

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