Monday, May 25, 2015

Memorial Miracle Miles 5k (race report)

Is two years long enough to form a tradition? If so, the Memorial Miracle Miles 5k Trail Run, is quickly becoming a Memorial Day Monday tradition for runners in the Bradford County Races coverage area.

May is a notoriously crowded month for races in Bradford County, growing more crowded every year, however the MMM5K has laid claim to Monday. Raising money for children seems somehow fitting on a day reserved for honoring and remembering fallen soldiers. Some die so that others might live. Thought we hardly need any more motivation to get us out on the trails, our local runners have big hearts.

Those hearts were on display this morning as runners, young and old, splashed through puddles and crossed bridges as they looped through the Saterlee Creek Environmental Center trails in route to their respective 5k finishes. For me that meant my 3rd race of the long weekend, and 7th so far in May with the World's End Ultramarathon 50K still ahead of me.

Other than feeling a little flat, I have no complaints - the sun was shining, the trails were fun, the people friendly. My 23:53 finish, though slower than last year, was good enough for 15th overall and 2nd in my age group.

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