Monday, June 15, 2015

Cayuga Cruiser (review)

For this review I've returned, once again, to local favorite Ithaca Beer Co, but rather than another IPA I've gone for something different, and completely new to me in my still young life as a Beer Geek. For my second review in the last 30 minutes I've taken a taste of Ithaca Beer Company's Cayuga Cruiser.

The brewer bills Cayuga Cruiser as their "Berliner style Weisse Ale," made from 2-row pale, pilsner and wheat malts, Lubin and Syubilla hops, Lactobacillus and house yeasts.

Sour white beer is a new experience for me, with a totally unexpected taste that I'll have to do some research to wrap my head around. But for now I'd like to do my best to describe it without being influenced by the history of the style and the opinions of other reviewers.

Cayuga Cruiser is a pale, clear golden color beer. When poured it produces little foam, which dissipates quickly, fizzling away like Champagne or sparkling cider, leaving no legs behind on the glass. It is highly effervescent. The taste is mildly tart / sour somewhat like a watered down dry white wine, with hints of what I'd best describe of sauerkraut on the back end. The aroma is slightly metallic with hints of unripened grapes and cabbage.

4.2% ABV

I'm still not quite sure what to think of it, but for sure I'll be exploring sour beers more in the future. Give it a try. See what you think.

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