Monday, June 15, 2015

Right-O-Way IPA

 So many IPA's, so little time. Right-O-Way is the fourth IPA from Southern Tier Brewing Company to pass my lips, and like the other three it does not disappoint. Weighing in at a lightweight 4.5% alcohol by volume, Right-O-Way is a session IPA that doesn't skimp on flavor. Major brewers, and brewers in states with laws that limit alcohol content for sales in grocery stores, would do well to take notice. You can make great beer without high alcohol content.

New for 2015, Right-O-Way IPA relies on 3 varieties of hops and 2 types of malts for its citrusy flavor profile. It has an aroma to match - sweet and bready, lemon, orange and perhaps slightly floral. 

Medium-amber in color, with a body on the lighter side. Right-O-Way is easy drinking, compared to your "typical" high quality IPA or Double IPA, but without the "boozyness" at the back of the throat. I could see myself sitting down for a six pack of these at a pool party or the finish line of a summer trail run.

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