Sunday, July 19, 2015

Anchor IPA (review)

My first review of an Anchor Brewing Company product is their Anchor IPA. San Francisco based Anchor Brewing Co. dates back to 1896. The brewery has a long and interesting history which is worth reading about (Link: Wikipedia). Anchor claims to have, in 1975 pioneered the revival of "dry-hopped handmade ales." While I can neither confirm or deny this claim, the date puts them in the right ballpark to be part of the early stages of North America's craft beer "revolution."

Is it any good?

Right down to the shape the bottle and the design on the label, everything about Anchor IPA feels "old fashioned." or perhaps more aptly put, "traditional."  The taste follows suit. Its hoppy, its bitter, but with far more malty characteristics than IPA drinkers have come to expect. It doesn't "pop" in the same way that India Pale Ales from the latest generation of innovative brewers do. And maybe that's the point.


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