Friday, July 24, 2015

Captain Lawrence IPA (review)

For my next review I've chosen Captain Lawrence IPA from Captain Lawrence Brewing Company. Like its owner Scott Vaccaro, who began home brewing before he was even old enough to drink, Captain Lawrence Brewing Company is young. Founded in 2006, the company, named for Revolutionary War era militia captain, Samuel Lawrence, is currently located in Elmsford NY.

For better or worse, this IPA follows just hours after my review of the stellar Ruination Double IPA from Stone Brewing Company. Admittedly a tough act to follow, how does Captain Lawrence stake up?

These are very different beers. Ruination is a west coast IPA with 100IBU's of hoppy bitterness and 8.5%ABV. Captain Lawrence boasts 6.5%ABV and 65IBU's. Where Ruination is dry and bright, Captain Lawrence tastes considerably darker. While its certainly hop forward, the aroma is sweet and bready. The taste is also much sweeter, with hints of caramel, and even a slight "peanuty" note. 

Captain Lawrence is solid, but might suit your tastes better than mine. Give it a try.

Musical Pairing: Declaration Day, a Revolutionary War inspired song by Iced Earth

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