Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Wagner India Pale Ale (review)

Another day, another IPA. Heading back to the Finger Lakes region for this one, an IPA from Lodi NY based Wagner Valley Brewing Company. My first review of a Wagner beer, but not my first taste. I've been to their facility up on the the lakes, during a wine/beer tasting tour, and had the opportunity to sample the entire line up they had available at that point.

Accoding to the Brewer: Wagner India Pale Ale: Bright sunrise orange in color, this American IPA is boldly hopped with varieties including East Kent Goldings and Cascade to give an intense yet powerfully smooth bitterness. The subtle caramel maltiness only accents the citrus hop highlights. Dry hopped with an incredible 2-½ pounds per barrel, this American style IPA is handcrafted to be extraordinarily refreshing. 6.2% ABV" 

Wagner IPA isn't a stand out IPA as far as I'm concerned, but its not bad either. If you're looking for a west-coast hop-bomb look elsewhere. Wagner IPA is a well balanced - bitter-sweet beer - if you will, and almost shockingly smooth while still being hoppy enough to please many IPA drinkers. Its "middle of the road" nature won't do much for hardcore hop heads hoping to be blown away, but I'd consider it a great "starter beer" for newly minted craft beer drinkers looking to expand their pallets. 

Musical Pairing: Wagner Reloaded, live performance by Apocalyptica

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