Thursday, August 6, 2015

Hop Nosh IPA

I previously reviewed Detour Double IPA from Salt Lake City based Uinta Brewing Company. For my second foray into this company's lineup I'll be tasting Hop Nosh IPA.

At first taste Hop Nosh is nothing special, but therein lies its beauty. Hop Nosh is a rock solid example of a well balanced IPA where an amply bitter 82IBU's, pine and citrus leaning beer coexists with tasty caramel malts.

Upon beginning my exploration of India Pale Ales I found myself quickly gravitating toward West Coast hop-bombs, and away from these amber colored, malty American IPAs. Often times the hops and the malts seem to collide in unsavory ways for me, but Hop Nosh manages to be the best of both worlds without and offensive flavor clashes.


Musical Pairing: Kentucky by Panopticon

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