Friday, September 25, 2015

Hop Knife Harvest Ale (review)

For my 46th craft beer review (read the others) I'm checking out Hop Knife Harvest Ale from Troeg's Independent Brewing. Their Perpetual IPA is a staple in my fridge, and I'm also rather partial to their HopBack Amber Ale. Hop Knife has been on my radar ever since I received multiple recommendations from members of the Twin Tiers Craft Beer Club.

From the very first sip I'm quite pleased with Hop Knife Harvest Ale. It has that hyper-fresh green/grassy hop aroma and flavor you can only get from freshly harvested whole hop cones, hence why its only available between August and October as the year's hop harvest comes in.

Deep amber, 6.2%ABV and nearly 90IBU's, Hop Knife Harvest Ale tastes like the first days of autumn, without resorting to brewing with pumpkin and spices to boost sales.

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