Friday, October 23, 2015

Chocolate Sombrero Stout (review)

Its a chilly, but sunny Friday afternoon. Perfect conditions, as far as I'm concerned, for any beer with the word 'Mexican' in the name. I feel warmer just thinking about our neighbors south of the border, despite the fact that Clown Shoes Chocolate Sombrero Mexican-Style Chocolate Stout is actually made by Mercury Brewing Company, Ipswich, Ma.

I'm not exactly sure what constitutes "Mexican-Style," but I'm guessing the ancho chilies  at play here probably have something to do with it. Also in the mix is ample amounts of chocolate, some vanilla and a bit of cinnamon.

Chocolate Sombrero pours nearly pitch black, though if you hold it up to the light you can still see faint traces of mahogany-red. Poured vigorously from a 12 ounce bottle into an ordinary 16 ounce glass results into a one-finger head of almond foam that leaves some of the thickets "legs" on the glass that I've yet seen in a beer.

The aroma is bitter, unsweetened chocolate and just the slightest hint of cinnamon, which I might have overlooked had I not been looking for it.

Taste is bitter, in a dark chocolate and (slight) coffee kind of way, rather than hops, while still surprisingly smooth. And again, hints of cinnamon, and perhaps vanilla (think extract rather than ice cream).

I've only experienced a handful of stouts, at this point in my beer-journey, so my opinions on the style are still developing. That said, i'd buy this one again.

Musical Pairing:  Gimmie Chocolate by Babymetal

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