Saturday, October 3, 2015

Southern Tier Double Milk Stout (review)

As the days get colder the beers get darker. It is a Saturday in the beginning of October as I write this. The temperature has dipped to the upper 40's under a gloomy, steady drizzle, making this a perfect day to say in doors and drink my dinner. Today I'm checking out a bottle of Southern Tier Brewing Company's Double Milk Stout (2X Stout).

This is the darkest beer i've had in quite some time, opaque black with a small almond brown head of foam upon pouring and lingering lacing down the sides of the glass and some light carbonation.

The aroma of this beer isn't overly impressive, just hints of roasted barely malts and coffee. The flavor is big on dark roast coffee. I'm not a coffee drinker (never caught the habit), but neither do i dislike it. The unfermentable lactose sugars in the recipe, which give the beer its "Mike Stout" moniker add some creamy sweetness both in taste and mouth feel.


Addendum: As a history and beer buff intrigued to hear about the "Milk Stout" style's interesting past. It seems that in the early 1900's Milk Stouts were marketed as a kind of nutritious health food. While such a claim is largely seen as absurd today, i wonder if maybe its not so far from the truth as we'd like to think. Today "healthy" food (whatever that means) is readily, and dependably available to many of us. But before refrigerators, supermarkets and social safety nets, a thick dark beer had to be 'better than nothing' if you needed a nutrient and calorie dense drink to keep you on your feet.

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