Thursday, October 15, 2015

Uinta Anniversary Barley Wine Ale (review)

I've previously reviewed two other beers from Salt Lake City based Uinta Brewing Company (which I somehow, in my hop addled mind read, not once but twice, as Unita), and for my 49th beer review I'm tasting a third- which also happens to be my very first experience with a Barley Wine: Anniversary Barley Wine Ale.

At 10.4% alcohol by volume, Anniversary Barley Wine is the "biggest" beer I've had since reviewing Dogfish Head 120 Minute IPA a few months ago, and as my first in this class of beer a little bit of pre-review research (wikipedia) was is in order.

Anniversary Barley Wine is a good looking beer. It pours a beautiful red / Mahogany with an off white head that, while not particularly long lasting, does lace the glass. And as the lacing suggests, the mouthful is on the oily side.

Strong but balanced flavors mask the high alcohol content, but not its warmth, which was noticeable within a few sips. Flavor: caramel, toffee, dehydrated berries, strong hop bitterness (72IBUs). The aroma matches the taste.

I don't yet know enough about the Barley Wine style to to determine if it is a good representation of the style, but based on my own tastes and experiences in mind I can say that its an interesting beer in an interesting style that is worth further exploration.

Musical Pairing: No Morrow Shall Dawn by Thy Light

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