Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Choklat Imperial Stout (review)

Beer Review #57

I've lost track of how many Southern Tier Brewing Company brews I've tasted and reviewed, but as long as this South Western NY brewery keeps crafting solid beers, and my local seller keeps stocking them, I'll keep trying them. Today I'm checking out Choklat Imperial Stout from the company's Blackwater Series.

Still a relative newbie to the craft beer world, I'm little more than a half dozen brews into my exploration of stouts, however that's enough for me to start detecting motifs. Perhaps more importantly beers that 'stand out' as a little different are becoming more readily obvious. Choklat is an early standout to these taste buds.

A few of the stouts I've tried so far have touted chocolate flavor notes on the label. Sometimes its subtle. Sometimes it knocks you over the head. Relatively speaking, Choklat is 'knock you over the head' chocolaty. Put your nose up close to the glass, inhale deeply, and you'll begin to see; chocolate dominates, along with hints of vanilla and dark roast.

Choklat pours jet black, befitting the style, with a small head of brown foam.

As you might have gathered, the flavor is big on dark chocolate (Belgian chocolate according to the label); at once exhibiting medium bitterness and surprising sweetness (caramel, vanilla). The 10%ABV is hid well beneath a semi-creamy texture.

Musical Pairing: Adulruna Redivia by Therion

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