Thursday, December 31, 2015

Troegenator Doublebock (review)

Beer Review #69

Today is New Years Eve, and for my final review of 2015 I'm tasting Troegenator Doubebock, from Central Pennsylvania's Troegs Independent Brewing. This is my sixth review of a Troegs product. I most recently reviewed their ever popular Mad Elf Ale back on November 19th.

Troegenator  bills itself as a "Doublebock," an Americanization of doppelbock, a German style of strong, dark Lager. As yet another new style for me, I had to do some research. Bock beer was first brewed in Munich by Franciscan Monks. A sweeter, higher alcohol version - doppelbock - was brewed to sustain the monks during times of fasting when solid foods were prohibited.

Troegenator pours a lovely dark transparent red with minimal head and lacing. The aroma brings to mind raisin, apple and prune, or perhaps plum.

The closest flavor touchstones I have for Troegenator are my reviews of Allagash Tripel Ale, and Troegs The Made Elf Ale. Look for spicy yeast flavors, like a Belgian ale, enhanced by the carbonation with sweet molasses, fruit and toasted malt on the roof of mouth as you swallow.


Musical Pairing: Gargoyles, Angles of Darkness by Rhapsody 

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