Thursday, December 10, 2015

Weyerbacher Double Simcoe (review)

Beer Review #64

A couple of days ago I reviewed "Double IPA #1" from Weyerbacher's IPA Series, and today its on to their Double Simcoe double IPA, which as you might have gathered is hopped exclusively with Simcoe hops.

Nothing on the packaging indicated that this beer might be unfiltered or even bottle conditioned, so I was bit surprised to notice (even through the bottle) the sediment  rising up as I carried it from my truck to my fridge. This beer is absolutely packed with hop sediment (think flaked fish food, hehe), as if absolutely no attempt had been made to avoid disturbing the bottom of the fermentation tank prior to bottling. I have some limited experience as a home brewer and its my understanding that its wise to avoid letting a beer set on top of the trub / yeast cake for too long after active fermentation is complete so as to avoid off-flavors. So I guess its debatable as to if the sediment in this beer is a negative or a sign its about as "real" as beer gets. I must admit that it is a little "unsightly." The beer seems to boil as the carbonation continually disturbs the hop residue, keeping it in suspension. But then again, maybe decades of "big beer" influence has altered our perception of how a beer should be presented . Filtering, after all, is a relatively new phenomenon. But I digress...

Double Simcoe weighs in at 9.0% and pours a fairly dark shade of amber beneath a finger of foam, despite a deliberately gentle pour as I attempted (and failed) to keep some of the sediment out of the glass.

As expected, from a beer brewed exclusively with Simcoe, the aroma is all about the pine and citrus, but there is also a bit of fruity sweetness.

Weyerbacher is an East Coast brewer, and this a decidedly "East Coast" IPA, or at least a "not West Coast" style IPA. At 90 IBU's its certainly hoppy as all get out (grapefruit front, pine after taste), but its malty as well, just as the dark amber color belies. American style India Pale Ales are not about balance, they're 'all about the hop," but if you like your IPA's 'relatively speaking' with a lean toward 'balance," this one is worth trying - provided that the appearance doesn't scare you away.

Musical Pairing: Sound of Silence cover by Nevermore

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