Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Compass Imperial Sparking Ale (review)

Beer Review #79

My most recent review was of the ultra decadent Creme Brulee Imperial Stout from Southern Tier Brewing Co. Today I'll keep the ball rolling with a couple more brews from the same company.

First up is Compass, further described on the label as a "bottle conditioned imperial sparkling ale...brewed with rose hips & citrusy hops." For all intensive purposes Compass is an Imperial IPA. As an initial reaction the beer I am most reminded of us Ruination 2.0 brewed by Stone.

From a 22oz (655ml) bottle,  Compass pours a light shade of straw with maybe just a hint of orange-leaning hue. I poured this one a little bit warm and was greeted by a vigorous white foam. As this is a bottled conditioned beer expect some benign yeast residue in your glass from a vigorous pour. Some carbonation is visually apparent, in the small bubbles rising from the bottom of the glass. I've never seen the term "sparkling ale" on a beer label before, but quite frankly I was expecting something more akin to popping the cork on a wild beer.

Despite the promise of citrusy hops, both the aroma and taste are floral-leaning. I've never had a beer brewed with Rose Hips and in fact I had to look the term up in order to do this review. Compass tastes the way that a rose smells, if that makes any sense, but with hints of orange peel and just a touch of honey.


Musical Pairing: A Rose For Epona by Eluveitie

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