Saturday, January 16, 2016

Mission Gose (review)

Beer Review #77

Today I'm checking Mission Gose from Evil Twin Brewing, my very first experience with a Gose and with Evil Twin Brewing. The Wikipedia article on Gose (here) can bring you up to speed on what typifies this wheat beer style with German roots. 

As far as these taste buds go, the best point of reference I have is Cayuga Cruiser Berliner Weisse which I reviewed last June. Berlinner Weisse is a related style of "sour wheat beer" developed in Northern Germany and the "Low Countries." The history of Gose dates back to the 16th century.

Mission Gose pours a cloudy, unfiltered straw yellow with no head but plenty of bubbling effervescence. The aroma is tart/sour with plenty of lemon and hints of ginger and eucalyptus. The taste is extremely tart/sour courtesy of the style's trademark dosing with Lactobacillus after the boil. Its also quite salty and the combination of all these elements remind me somewhat of a margarita. 

 It doesn't really taste anything like what most of us think of when think about beer, and yet its hard to take a drink without both puckering up and smiling. Gose is an interesting and delightful experience for this young beer drinker.  

Musical Pairing: Amor e Morte by Cradle of Filth

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