Friday, January 22, 2016

Smuttynose Gravitation (review)

Beer Review #82

Last week I reviewed Rocky Road and Scotch Ale from the Smuttynose Brewing "Big Beer" series. This evening I've returned for a third helping of "Big Beer" in the form of Gravitation Belgian Style Quadrupel Ale. My experience with these Belgian Style ales is limited, but I have reviewed a few including Allagash Tripel Ale . Gravitation is the first beer that I've had branding itself as a Quadrupel , a dubious much-debated beer classification like "Triple IPA," or "Black IPA." That said, based on my limited experience, I can honestly say that I like the term Quadrupel . Gravitation one-ups all the characteristics found in the doubel and tripel ales I've tried so far, while still planting its taste buds firmly in Belgian Ale territory.

Crack open a 650ml bottle of Gravitation and sip it slowly. Even if this big beer is surprisingly "easy drink'n," it does weigh in at a massive 12.3% ABV and is not to be trifled with. This Quad pours dark amber, like dark apple juice. A vigorous pour yields little foam that doesn't last, but surprising carbonation.

At just 24 IBU's this is a fairly sweet beer. It was brewed with raisins, and hints of that come across in the aroma (as well as taste). Speaking of taste, its a fruity beer (not in a girly way) that hints at plum and date. That familiar spicy Belgian Ale / Trappist yeast flavor is there, but (much to my satisfaction) is more subdued than in other similar ales. Alcohol is present, but unobtrusive.

Musical Pairing: Moment of Betrayal by Dream Theater

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