Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Uinta Sea Legs Baltic Porter

Beer Review #85

I love firsts. This review of Uinta Brewing's Sea Legs Baltic Porter is my first review of a beer billing itself as a Baltic Porter. I've previously reviewed Uinta's 20th Anniversary Barleywine, Hop Nosh IPA, and Detour Double IPA, but to be perfectly honest I had no idea who made this beer until I got home and began doing research for this review. Unita is hidden way down in the fine print, and part of me likes that. I'm into craft beer, underground music, and all manner of off the wall things. I adore being influenced by what the 'thing' is, rather than what perception says the thing is before I've even tried it.

Baltic Porter is a style of sweet, malty, high alcohol porter originating in the 18th century Baltic States. Like so many beers (and my favorite things) it his its roots in English-made beers, but (also like my favorite things) grew more extreme after leaving English Shores (Heavy Metal, Fantasy Literature). For all intensive purposes, Baltic Porter is really an Imperial Stout. 

Sea Legs Baltic Porter is pitch black, yields a huge head of long lasting, creamy tan foam that clings to the glass and weighs in at 8.0% ABV. The aroma is chocolate and coffee with hints of alcohol, as one might expect, but the flavor is surprisingly smooth and sweet (though not cloyingly so.) With the flavor, chocolate and coffee are again the primary players, along with hints of licorice and smoke, but a thick, creamy mouth-feel takes some of the edge (present in Russian Imperial Stouts) off.

I've reviewed 85 different beers now, in my young craft beer-life. Some are dramatically different from one another, others have more subtle ways of differentiating themselves. This Baltic Porter is subtly different.

Musical Pairing: Absence by Lascar

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