Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Unearthly Imperial IPA (review)

Beer Review #80

In my first review of the day I checked out Compass Imperial Sparkling Ale. To finish off this doubleheader I'm back with Unearthly Imperial India Pale Ale, yet another great IPA in the Southern Tier Brewing Company stable. These two beers are quite similar, like siblings, but with Unearthly IPA clearly taking on the role of bigger, older brother.

Unearthly IPA pours slightly darker than Compass with a more pronounced orange-copper tint. The beer is hazy, but lacks the large yeast particulates of the bottle aged Compass, making for a more attractive pour by most standards.

On the nose, Unearthly IPA is a bit sweeter with a stronger honey-malt note. For fear of offending purists, I almost hate to make this comparison, but if you've ever home brewed with malt-extract you'll recognize the concentrated sweetness. That said, Unearthly  is also more bitter than Compass. Where floral hops dominated that beer, Unearthly is spicier, with more pine, grass and a lingering bitter back end.


Musical Pairing: Frozen Lakes on Mars by Ihsahn

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-Twin Tiers Craft Beer Club
The Jolly Farmer, Waverly
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- Diversion Brewing Co. (Chemung)
River Barge Brewing (Wyalusing)

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