Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Southern Tier 2XPRESSO (review)

Beer Review #91

Last night I reviewed Lagunitas Cappuccino Stout (Review #90), and in keeping with the coffee stout theme I now find myself checking out a bottle of 2XPRESSO, a seasonal 'Double milk stout brewed with coffee beans & lemon peels' by Southern Tier Brewing Company. According to their website, the brewers used their own Double Milk Stout (Review #48) as a starting point, and then tweaked the recipe with coffee and lemon peel. By this point in my journey of beer exploration, I've reviewed a number of coffee and milk stouts, but if my memory serves me, lemon peel is a new ingredient for me.

2XPRESSO yields a black pour into a pint glass, but by holding it to the light you'll see that it is not impenetrable, as ample brown and red highlights soon present themselves. Like any good stout, the head is thick and foamy almond brown. With an ABV of 7.5% its a relatively 'small double,' and so the foam is allowed to linger awhile, leaving traces down the glass as you drink.

Coffee bombards the nose first. It is a coffee stout, after all. But the aroma is not one dimensional. The lactose sugars even things out, and after awhile the faint 'happy-twang' of citrus develops, whether a result of hops, the lemon peel, or a combination I cannot say.

The flavor is coffee forward, but unlike Lagunitas Cappuccino Stout  (Review #90) ample lactose sweetens the pot like creamer in your cup, dampening the bitterness of dark roasted coffee and malts. Lemon peel lightens the mood.

Musical Pairing:  Brother Can You Hear Me by Dream Theater

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