Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Dogfish Head Romantic Chemistry IPA

Beer Review #102

I've been on the wagon for the last month, training hard for the upcoming trail racing season (read my race reports), but with the wind gusting to near fifty miles an hour this afternoon, and despite the sunshine, I thought I'd stay in doors and do my long over do 102nd craft beer review.

Today I'm checking out Romantic Chemistry IPA from Dogfish Head Brewery's 'Seasonal Art Series.' This limited edition, 7.2%ABV India Pale Ale is brewed with mango, apricots and ginger.

According to the label "What you have here is a serious IPA shacking up & hunkering down with mangos & apricots. At the same time!"

In the aromatics department, the mango and apricot work well with the already fruity, tropical hops. That said, its not the fruitiest 'real beer' I've ever put nose to. Its actually balanced out quite well by the twang of ginger, and citrus.

The advertised IBU is a scant 40 (paltry by today's IPA standards), but a strong ginger note provides adequate bitterness to keep things refreshing rather than cloying. As expected, the flavors of apricot and mango are present, if you expect them. But in a blind taste test most of us might overlook them.

Pours pale orange-copper with strong effervescence.

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