Monday, March 14, 2016

New Balance MT101 (Review)

One of my favorite shoes from a half dozen years ago was the New Balance MT101. The 101 was the follow up to the MT100, which began the line of shoes developed by New Balance with the assistance of mountain, ultra trail legend Anton (Tony) Krupicka.

Though a little stiff, and narrow in the toebox, the 101 was a great first step. But then came the MT101, a shoe that totally knocked it out of the park.

The 101 was eventually replaced by the MT110 (my review), a vastly different shoe. While I liked the 110, its narrower toe box and shoddy upper made for a shoe that simply was not quite as comfortable, and had a too-short life span for the rugged Pennsylvania trails that I run most frequently.

Much to my delight, a few years after its cancellation, popular demand seems to have lead New Balance to revive the MT101 for 2015. I ordered a pair online late in the year and have run every trail mile in them since then.

Running in the MT101 again is like reconnecting with an old friend after several years. The mesh construction of the upper is durable. The toe box is wide, allowing the toes to splay and grip naturally. The shoe sits close to the ground for great stability and contact with the terrain, while a thin plastic rock plate protects the foot from bruising and punctures without dulling the feedback minimalist runners demand. The out-sole appears identical to the original, which is to say low profile, but adequate for most terrain, save for the worst muddy days perhaps.

The MT101 will be a go-to shoe for my 2016 races.

7.5 ounces



  1. Nice minimal shoes. I like how lightweight they are and very comfortable once broken in. Excellent for running or going out in town.

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  3. Now that the mt101 is discontinued again, what is a good replacement option?? I haven’t seen much that is similar.

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    2. I came to ask the same question. MT 101 is my favorite shoe. I’ve since picked up Altra road shoes, trail, and hiking boots. Definitely not replacements, but comfortable!

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