Monday, March 14, 2016

Super Advanced Isolate Protein (Review)

My go-to protein powder for the last few years has been Hammer Nutrition's Vegan Protein (review). The all plant, soy free, blend is easy on the stomach, but at close to $50 per tub is rather pricey. That being the case I thought I'd take a chance on something different, cheaper, and available to purchase locally.

As I've rededicated myself to my trail running training in recent weeks I've put quite a bit of focus on protein to speed recovery and rebuild lean muscle mass. In the past I've avoided whey isolate due to stomach upset, but desiring get in on the benefits of quicker absorption and higher levels of leucine i thought I'd give whey another try.

For under $20, what I ended up with is 1.5lbs of Super Advanced Isolate Protein from Body Fortress, a blend of whey, soy and milk isolate's for fast, medium and slow release proteins "in order to keep your body's protein synthesis levels jacked," long after the whey has finished its work.

The chocolate powder dissolves easily, isn't grainy, and masks the protein isolates well. The taste is pretty good too.

Although my body has been handling dairy better in recent years, and this product claims "reduced lactose," something in the formula does a number on my stomach for about a half hour after consuming one scoop dissolved in a pint glass. Drinking just a few sips at a time and consuming more water seem to mitigate these symptoms.

As for physical results, time will tell.


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