Friday, April 8, 2016

Cultivator Helles Bock (review)

Beer Review #106

After reviewing three consecutive Kansas City beers I thought I should go-local again, which brings me back to my home state of Pennsylvania and Troegs Independent Brewing. This evening I'm checking out their Cultivator Helles Bock, their floor malted Bohemian Pislner.

Pislner? Seriously? This Bohemian (Present day Czech Republic) originating style of pale lager accounts for 2/3's of the world's beer today (read as: watered down shit), no thanks to the rise of the Mega Brewer after the repeal of prohibition in America. But more recently American craft brewers have helped to rehabilitate the style. Cultivator Helles Bock is a good example. 

 Cultivator Helles Bock pours crystalline clear pale orange with a few fingers of stubborn white foam. 

At 6.9%ABV its a little stronger than your typical American macro pilsner, and that slight boost in alcohol pays off with enhanced aroma and taste.

The aroma is malty sweet with hints of spicy esters. 

That barely present flavor found in your typical Macro Pilsner is there, but greatly enhanced. Its bready, sweet (banana), with hints of Belgian yeast ester pepper and spiciness. 

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