Saturday, April 9, 2016

Jean & Pete Memorial 5k (Race Report)

Now in its 6th year, the Jean & Pete Memorial 5k in Athens Pa, has become something of an early-spring tradition for my friends and fellow Valley Running Club members. I've now run 4 of its 6 iterations.

It can often be rather...brisk...for morning races in April. This year, to go along with the chill, we were greeted by a steady snow, our third measurable snow during the last 9 days, after an absurdly mild winter. As a trail runner who loves to support local events, but isn't overly enthusiastic about the act of road racing, a little snow is fine by me, as it helps to add color to the otherwise monotonous pavement pounding.

Speaking of pavement - as it turns out I haven't actually raced all-out on pavement for nearly a year, and this was to be my first road run (of any kind) since December 2015. While I feel reasonably fit right now, it was clear from my 23:30 finish (7th overall, 3rd age group) that the lack of road running has resulted in a corresponding lack of turn over. Through out the mostly flat 3.1 mile course I never found myself particularly over-stressed in terms of cardio, I simply could not generate quite as much speed as I might have in years when I was hitting the streets more often.

Over the last few months I've spent a lot of time on the indoor bike, and all of my running on the trails. Coupled with a low carb / high protein diet, that has helped me to shed some fat and build some muscle, I feel like I've built a body better suited for the mountains this spring.

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