Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Tell-Tale Tart (review)

Beer Review #103

Its April, so naturally there is (finally) a bit of snow on the ground here in Northern Pennsylvania, but even with the returned chill in the air its sunny and spectacular, with the sun's rays getting closer daily. On a day like this, Tell-Tale Tart, 'a slightly sour ale' from Kansas City, Missouri based Boulevard Brewing, seems appropriate.

I try not to interject too much opinion into my reviews, but I really like -Tell-Tale Tart (name inspired by Edgar Allen Poe, in case you missed that).

As the label suggests, this is a slightly sour ale, that to these lips tastes sort of like a milder version of a Gose, with the snappy carbonation of a Brett or Wild Beer.

This beer pours a shade of deep-copper, like apple cider vinegar, with a loud, popping, effervescence that dissipates quickly.

The aroma strikes notes of cherry and apple. That green, sour apple is a primary player in the taste as well. But there is also a slight pepper Belgian yeast/ester note as well.

6.2%ABV. Tell-Tale Tart is part of the brewer's 'Smokestack Series.'

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