Monday, April 18, 2016

Tripel Witch Belgian Style Ale (review)

Beer Review #107

My sister and her husband recently remodeled a house in Watkins Glen NY, which puts them right down the street from Rooster Fish Brewing. On her most recent visit she picked me up at 22 ounce bottle of their Tripel Witch Belgian Style Ale. I've reviewed a couple of their beers and was excited to have this opportunity to check out yet another.

The brewer says "With a touch of sweetness from Belgian candy sugar, you'll taste plum and a bit of spice in a very mellow, bell balanced strong ale."

Triple Witch pours golden with just a hint of orange. The beer is slightly hazy, with tiny, crackling bubbles from the carbonation, though not much in the way of a head poured at fridge-temp into a simple pint glass.

If you have any experience at all with strong Belgian ales, you'll know right away from the smell (and taste) that you are indeed holding a Belgian. But as the description says, this is a mellow and balanced Tripel, despite the weighty 9.2% ABV.

Those peppery Belgian yeast esters are there - hints of black pepper and clove, and maybe also a bit of ginger. The candy sugars produce hints of  wild honey and Bartlett pear.

Musical Pairing: The House of Shame by Lacuna Coil

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