Friday, April 1, 2016

Tuna - The Lean, Affordable Protein

Trying to eat high protein on a budget? Yeah, I know the feeling. 1 gram per pound of body weight a day can get expensive fast.

Along with Hard Boiled Eggs my other go to food for dirt cheap protein, recently, is canned tuna. A typical 5oz can (in water) contains just 100 calories and 0 carbs, but a whopping 22 grams of protein - or about as much as your typical scoop of protein powder. As an added bonus you get 12 grams of EPA and DHA Omega-3 fatty acids.

Recently, Wal-Mart has had Great Value brand Chunk Light Tuna on sale for just 68 cents to can. At that price, I buy them ten or more at a time.

Since I'm also eating gluten free (due to a skin allergy), I typically eat my Tuna with a spoon from a bowl rather than in a sandwich. Throw in a spoonful or two of whipped dressing / Mayo, shake on a little black pepper (no need for salt, Tuna is already pretty salty), and i'm good to go.

Makes a great snack between major meals.


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